Brand new PL@Y2 4.0 is here. Overall PL@Y UX improved, and New Ticket transfer service.

We provide a new experience for culture enthuiast!

PL@Y2 v4.0 업데이트 안내

1. Ticket transactions are possible!

Live Event Tickets transfer

Now we can transfer&buy the Tickets in PL@Y2! check the ticket trade tab at the bottom. Tansfer the ticket qiuckly & Buy verified transfer Ticket safely.


2. Ticket list style changed

Ticket list and history selection style has changed

The style of my ticket list has changed. You can check my theater records with shape of a ticket.


3. My page has been updated.

My Page's design has changed and some features have been added.

Some features have been added to make PL@Y2 a better use, and the design of My Page has been changed to make it easier to set up and view information.

Transaction history